Hello my name is James Arnold, owner of CDC International.  In my thirty five plus years in the industry I have seen many homeowners making decisions on their projects, some good, some not so good. I find homeowners that understand when you set a budget, purchase quality materials while choosing a quality company to do your project, you get what you pay for. My thinking is why go out and purchase beautiful materials and pay someone to practice on your project? Most projects in your home will only be performed once or twice  in your life time. I have personally visited many work sites, where homeowners were upset and had concerns about their project. Here are some "tips " to ask about for the materials you are about to purchase: ratings and performance, with tile, quality and die lots? Can the company provide proof of liability and work mans compensation insurance with references? Does the company offer a showroom that way you are able to view the quality of the work? This information will help put you in a comfort zone with your project and the company you chose. My company will always be here to give you tips and information about your project. We have many homeowners and fortune five hundred companies that refer us to home and business owners daily. If you have a budget that you are working with, let us help you with it. We can provide great discounts with our local vendors.  Our work is Showroom Quality!


Thanks, James Arnold